Why ISS?

6 Criteria for the Right Safety Barrier Solution
  1. Reduce Injuries and Damage
    Slows vehicle speed, absorbs energy, mitigates impact, reduces submarines, bounce-backs and hazardous debris
  2. Save Time and Labor
    Easy to deploy, move and store
  3. Increase Versatility and Coverage
    Configurable and flexible to cover any area
  4. Decrease Replacement Costs
    Durable and long-lasting
  5. Lower Expenses
    Affordable to install and maintain with potential to generate revenue
  6. Improve Presentation
    Create more professional appearance

Why Impact Safety Systems is the right barrier solution.

Impact Safety Systems (ISS) Barriers not only meets, but far exceeds these 6 criteria. Manufactured in the U.S.A., ISS Barriers have been tested and proven on racetracks, kart tracks and motorcycle test tracks for almost two decades. ISS Barriers save labor and time, adapt anywhere, last longer, increase profits, cut costs and dramatically improve safety in a wide range of applications, both temporary and permanent.


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Impact Safety Systems offers 4 types of safety barriers and 2 sizes.

  • ProLink Safety Barriers are the portable alternative to Jersey barricades and tire walls providing premium protection for race tracks and other safety needs requiring large size barriers. They’re quick and easy to transport, deploy or replace, and accommodate any configuration or direction.
  • KISS Safety Barriers are known as the standard in premium protection for kart tracks and other safety needs requiring small size barriers. Surpassing FEA Standards and approved for speeds up to 80 MPH, they are the most durable plastic barrier on the market.
  • SoftLink Safety Barriers were developed based on the same innovative design and size as ProLink, but made with a softer material engineered to protect competitors and spectators in all types of sports.
  • ISS Foam-Filled Safety Barriers represent the highest level of protection in a larger size for maximum speed areas. Now in the final phase of prototype testing, the new barriers will be offered in three densities: Soft, Medium and Firm, and were specifically developed to buffer the riskiest spots on a track.

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It’s time we moved beyond Armco, Jersey barriers and tire walls into the 21st century of specifically and scientifically designed and tested systems to protect bodies and our beloved machines. The best news is, it makes perfect financial sense.
Randy Pobst, World Champion Racer
Columnist for SCCA’s SportsCar Magazine

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