Athlete Safety

SoftLink is the standard in superior protection for Athletes.

TOP 6 GOALS: Reduce Injuries and Damage; Save Time and Labor; Increase Versatility and Coverage, Decrease Replacement Costs; Lower Expenses; Improve Presentation

Why ISS SoftLink Safety Barriers protect Athletes so well.

Western State Colorado University
ISS Barriers at Western
State Colorado University

  • SoftLink Safety Barriers were specifically developed to protect athletes and spectators based on the same innovative design as ProLink Barriers, but in a softer material for a cushioned landing
  • SoftLink Safety Barriers are designed to be forgiving, absorb energy and slow momentum when competitors hit them, thus minimizing the severity of injuries, shielding spectators and reducing damage to sports equipment
  • SoftLink’s unique linking system keeps the barriers from scattering when hit and anchored pins provide additional stabilization
  • SoftLink is one of the only barrier systems that offers ballast modification for varying levels of resistance, when filled with water or sand, to provide optimum protection at every location
  • SoftLink Barriers offer bright colors and directional signage options, which help raise visibility in key areas, further increasing protection

Why ISS SoftLink Safety Barriers make financial sense.

Colorado Sate of Mines
ISS Barriers at Colorado
School of Mines
  • SoftLink Barriers are one of the lowest cost systems available today—About 1/3 of the cost of foam stopping boards
  • SoftLink Barriers can raise safety ratings, which may lower insurance premiums
  • ProLink Barriers are tough enough to last from event to event, substantially reducing replacement costs
  • SoftLink is the only barrier system that can be arranged in literally any configuration, including curves and 90-degree angles for maximum flexibility of use
  • Extremely lightweight, with plug-and-play connections, SoftLink is the easiest system to assemble or remove with minimal manpower—just 2 workers can do the job—saving time and labor
  • SoftLink barriers are also stackable to almost any height for efficient storage and transport, and are designed to accommodate a fork-lift if needed
  • Multi Task Gyms
    Multi-Task Gyms
  • Made from stronger, thicker composite plastic (in some cases twice as thick as competitors), with exclusive impact ridges to reinforce structural integrity and a modifiable ballast system that also increases durability, SoftLink Barriers are tough enough to last, substantially reducing replacement costs
  • SoftLink Barriers are specifically designed to support advertising and sponsorship banners, which generates additional income
  • SoftLink Barriers can be customized with graphics, embedded logos, and come in a full range of color combinations to coordinate with facility branding, so they appear cleaner, more up-to-date and attractive on camera


US ICE Rink Association member
US Ice Rink Association member

  • Athletic Facilities and Sports Fields for Player and Spectator Protection in Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Shot Put or many other Sports
  • Permanent or Temporary Applications for Boundary Delineation, Sidelines or to safely divide playing areas for multiple practices or activities at once
  • Motorcycle and Bike Exhibitions, X-game Competitors and More


Safer Hockey Rinks
Safer Hockey Rinks
  • Constructed of Rotationally Molded Composite Polyethylene
  • UV Stabilized and Weather Resistant
  • Overall length including Knuckle 79"
  • Pin to pin length 48"
  • Height 40"
  • Width 24"
  • Composite Thickness ½”
  • Weight: Empty - 23 lbs. Ballast weight varies depending on amount of water or sand added in 1” to 1-1/2” increments

We love the barriers as an efficient and effective safety measure to keep throwing implements inside the competition area. Our needs require us to set up and break down the barriers every practice session and this is done easily and quickly with as few as 3 people.
Michael Gusbeth
Colorado School of Mines

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