Barrier Upgrades = Safer Tracks

Crash barriers make up roughly 25% of the overall safety equation yet, while other areas in racing have advanced, many tracks still use archaic barricade methods, such as used tire packs, steel guardrails and cement retaining walls. Vehicles are faster than ever, but track safety improvements haven’t kept pace. In addition to compromising driver protection, there are also a plethora of unforeseen track expenses associated with older methods. Crashes will continue to happen and tracks should plan for the inevitable by upgrading to a safer, simpler, more economical barrier solution.

Problems with Traditional Barricade Methods

Tire Walls
Tire Walls Scatter
Tire Walls Scatter

  • Tires are only considered a “stopgap or band aid” in some track safety situations
  • Tire packs don’t give and can act like hard concrete causing damage to both cars and drivers
  • Tires can cause bounce back into very fast moving traffic, as well as submarining
  • Sufficient force can dislodge and scatter tires, potentially causing multi-vehicle accidents
  • Clearing tracks and reassembly of tire walls can delay or even end races, reducing track revenue
  • Tires offer no advertising or income opportunities
  • Cars Submarine Beneath Tire Walls
    Cars Submarine
    Beneath Tire Walls
  • Tires present a serious Eco hazard with animals, litter, weeds, standing water, odor, mold and disease
  • Tracks replace an average of about 300 tires a year adding to the high cost of maintenance
  • Because tire walls are heavy and unwieldy, they take more labor and time to transport and install than any other barricade

Cement Walls (AKA Jersey Barriers)
Concrete Crushes Cars, Causes Concussions or Worse
Concrete Crushes Cars,
Causes Concussions or Worse

  • Concrete was originally installed to protect fans, not drivers. Time and again cement has proven more dangerous to racers than any other barricade and should only be used as the last line of defense
  • Cement walls are immovable, rigid and shock the chassis when hit, potentially causing blunt force trauma or worse to the driver
  • It is said that concrete compresses vehicles and occupants
  • Concrete is a permanent barricade weighing about 4500 pounds each, with no options for flexibility

Armco Guardrails
Armco Doesn't Protect Racers
Armco Doesn't Protect Racers

  • Armco has primarily been used to buffer concrete walls
  • Armco guardrails are made of steel and not designed to withstand high speed hits without serious barricade deformation
  • It is said that Armco shreds vehicles and occupants
  • Fatalities due to Armco would have halted its use if not for the development of tougher race cars. Even so, guardrails have been known to impale both vehicles and drivers
  • Armco offers no advertising or income opportunities

ISS ProLink, KISS and SoftLink Safety Barriers are the answer.

#1 - Reduces injuries and damage more effectively than other barricades

ISS Barriers Offer Modifiable Resistance Ballast System
ISS Barriers Offer
Modifiable Resistance
Ballast System

  • Unlike tires, concrete, Armco or inferior plastic barricades, ISS Barriers are specifically designed to provide a softer landing, absorb energy and transfer momentum to protect drivers, athletes, pedestrians, spectators and personnel
  • ISS Barriers have an exclusive resistance ballast system that adjusts to increase stability and safety in high-impact areas on a track, while also reducing submarining
  • ISS Barriers’ anchoring pins provide additional stabilization that reduces bounce-backs
  • Unlike other plastic barricades, ISS Barriers have been proven to reduce hazardous debris with no scattering, warping, bowing, cracking, breaking or shattering
  • ISS Barriers offer bright colors and directional signage options, which help raise visibility in key areas, further increasing protection

#2 - Saves immense time and labor


  • ISS Barriers are light-weight, portable and quick to replace (if necessary), as well as stackable to almost any height, making them faster and more efficient to transport, assemble and store than tires, concrete, Armco or any other water-filled barrier
  • ISS Barriers offer the easiest installation in the barricade industry with tongue and groove connections secured by unique anchoring pins that are simple to insert and remove, whereas other plastic barricades take much longer due to complicated connection systems

#3 - Unmatched versatility and total protection

  • ISS Barriers are the only barrier system that can be arranged in literally any configuration, including curves and 90° angles, making them more versatile than tires, concrete, Armco or any other water-filled barriers
  • ISS Barriers are so adaptable, they can provide total protection everywhere that’s needed, including filling coverage gaps where other barricades can’t
  • ISS Barriers provide a simpler, more flexible solution for temporary track events, as well as permanent

#4 – Durability substantially reduces replacement costs

  • ISS Barriers’ revolutionary design, rugged construction, thicker composite material, exclusive ballast weight and impact ridges for added structural integrity, make them less vulnerable to deformation, scuffing or marking than flat surfaces, which translates to higher durability than other plastic barriers
  • ISS Barriers are UV stabilized and built to withstand harsh weather conditions

#5 – Lowers expenses and provides additional income opportunities
ISS Barriers Support Sponsorship Banners and Advertising
ISS Barriers Support
Sponsorship Banners and Advertising

  • ISS Barriers are more economical than any other barricade option on the market
  • ISS Barriers accommodate advertising and sponsorship banners, as well as support branding with embedded logos and custom colors


  • ISS Barriers are the lowest cost system available today—Only about $70 per linear foot including installation and water.
  • ISS Barriers can be installed 7X faster than concrete with the same number of men and costs about 18% less
  • ISS Barriers can be installed up to 150X faster than tires with the same number of men and costs approximately 75% less (or about 21% less if tires are free)
  • ISS Barriers can be installed 5X faster than other plastic barrier systems with half the number of men and cost about 60% less
  • ISS Barriers greatly reduce vehicle damage. The cost to repair or replace high performance or vintage racecars and motorcycles far outweighs the cost of the barriers, thus both racers and tracks reap savings benefits
  • ISS Barriers are tough enough to last from event to event, substantially reducing replacement costs
  • ISS Barriers are specifically designed to support advertising and sponsorship banners, which generates additional income
  • ISS Barriers can raise track safety ratings, which may lower insurance premiums

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