Our Mission

Impact Safety Systems (ISS) was founded in 2000 for the express purpose of setting new standards in barrier protection. ISS is dedicated to providing safety barrier systems that are easier to install, faster to repair, 100% flexible and adjustable, ruggedized for better durability, completely customizable, more economical, and – most of all – safer than any other barricade available.

Corporate History

RJ Champion GTR 3
RJ Valentine

ISS is the brainchild of company founder Richard ‘RJ’ Valentine, a veteran professional driver and serial entrepreneur. Valentine’s illustrious racing career spans four decades, with over 400 pro starts, and many wins, including the prestigious Grand Am Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. Valentine was both a witness and a victim of countless crashes involving hard walls like concrete, tires and Armco, causing him to question why there weren’t safer barricade options. While designing F1 Boston—the Northeast’s first state-of-the-art indoor karting facility—rather than settle for using traditional barricade options, Valentine chose to develop a new standard in barrier protection. Today, Kart Impact Safety Systems (KISS) is the barrier of choice for kart tracks nationwide.

But Valentine didn’t stop at kart safety. In 2011, this proven technology was applied to the development of ProLink, a larger safety barrier alternative to Jersey and tire walls. ProLink introduced motorsports to the first barrier system that was easier, more portable, flexible, durable and cost-efficient, yet miles ahead in safety. ProLink Barriers are used at race tracks, kart tracks, stadiums, athletic facilities, roads/highways and industrial sites worldwide.

RJ Champion GTR 3
RJV wants YOU to be safe!

Next came SoftLink, a softer-sided barrier system that cushions the bodies of athletes who play all kinds of sports, both indoors and out. Colleges, universities, athletic facilities, playing fields, temporary events, and many other venues have benefited from SoftLink Safety Barriers. The ISS revolutionary barrier system was the evolution of industry-leading R&D and is the ultimate solution for permanent and temporary tracks, events, athletics, pedestrian and traffic safety. ISS continues to develop product innovations that build upon ISS’ time-tested exclusive technology. No matter what the application may be, Valentine and his company will always remain true to its mission.

RJ Champion GTR 3
RJ Valentine’s Champion GTR3 &
Triple Deep ISS Barriers

To learn more about RJ Valentine’s racing career, go to: www.rjvalentine.com Impact Safety Systems is a member of Valentine’s Massachusetts-based MBA Group of Companies. The MBA Group has been building business in diverse industries since 1969. www.mbagroup.com

As a race car driver, I’ve been in accidents. As a track owner, I've seen a lot of crashes. I worked to develop a barrier system that would add safety to a track – and also be fast and easy to deploy. I think you'll agree that the result is so much better for both owners and drivers.
Richard ‘RJ’ Valentine
Impact Safety Systems

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